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Kenzi wins Protection Award at Nationals 2018        [28th April 2018]

The Olf legend lives on!
Congratulations to Kenzi (Clara) of Penncroft and her dedicated owner, Valerie Barrow, for winning a second protection work award at the South African GSD National Show yesterday. Kenzi, an Olf daughter, bred by Rob Cokcroft, was one of only four females in a class of 50 to be awarded for excellence in protection work.


Inja puppies available        [18th May 2017]

There are male and female puppies available from a litter with Inja (a Dax son) and Irca of Alisbrook. Please see our FOR SALE page for details and the breeder's contact number.

Inja gets IPO2        [27th March 2017]

Congratulations to Bernd Mächtle and Inja for your excellent IPO2 on Sunday at the Friendly City club. (Inja's father is our Dax.)

Inja and Bernd

Quattro puppies all sold        [6th March 2017]

All the puppies from Rob's Quattro/Carla litter have now been reserved. We will advertise future litters as and when they become available...

Quattro puppies available        [4th February 2017]

There are two female puppies available from a litter of nine, born to Carla of Penncroft (Olf daughter) and our Quattro. Please see our For Sale page for further details.

Congrtulations to Bernd and Inja        [31st May 2016]

Congratulations to Bernd Machle and his dog Inja on their achievement in obtaining an full IPO1 on the 29th May 2016. Inja is a 5 year old son of our Dax, who was V1 and graded 4 times Excellence in Protection Award at the National Breed Show under German Judges. Inja followed in his father's footsteps to obtain Excellence in Protection Work at the National Breed Show in 2013. Inja's qualifications include AD, BH, Breed Survey for Life and he has an A+ hip score.


Anzo: first GSD in SA to get IPO VO        [15th February 2016]

Congratulations to Anzo von Kazandi (Father: Olf; Mother: Bacardi von Kazandi) and his dedicated owner, Dr Terry Marshall, for achieving IPO VO on Saturday. This was the first time this version of IPO has been available in SA, and Anzo is the first GSD to be awarded the qualification here.

Anzo with his IPO VO award

Terry says: "Herr Waltrich, the vice president of the SV, was a very kind and generous judge. I learned so much from him yesterday that will be applied over the next few lifetimes of training! I intend working on the next level which is IPO ZTP, and then starting IPO 1,2, and 3."

IPO requires a huge amount of effort, time and patience, and we applaud both Terry and her Anzo for their commitment and achievement. Anzo got his FPR1 in November last year, which was a good start to the process.

Terry explains further: "The IPO VO is a very simple introduction to IPO. It forms a useful stepping stone between BH and IPO1, and is achievable by most GSDs.
The tracking component is a handler laid track of 2 legs of 100 paces each and one turn. There is a well scented article at the end. Anzo tracks on a 10m line, and indicates his articles.
The obedience section is also very manageable. You start in the basic position and heel on leash for 30 paces with an about turn, one left turn and one right turn. A figure 8 through a crowd follows. Off leash heeling also for 30 paces with an about turn, one left and one right turn, one down and recall, one retrieve on the flat, and one jump over an 80cm jump out and back again to the handler. There is a long down under distraction as in the BH, while the next dog works.
The protection work consists of a hold and bark on a helper in a concealed position, an escape with a release, and a long bite with a release followed by a side escort to the judge."

And, a last word from Terry: "Thanks for allowing Olf to be the sire he is. I am having such fun with this big and slightly crazy boy! He is a lovely mix of clownish fun, protectiveness, and gentleness. I could not have asked for anything better."

Thanks Terry! We wish you and Anzo continued success and look forward to the next stage...

Our wonderful Melly        [22nd January 2016]

Melly is still well and enjoying her peaceful retirement with Carol and Andre. Here she is looking after the bait while Andre is fishing...

Delta and Olf at the beach

At the beach        [11th January 2016]

Delta and Olf had a marvelous time at the beach on Sunday. Neither wanted to come out of the water. Olf was the perfect gentleman, letting Delta hold onto his toy whenever she managed to grab it first...

Delta and Olf at the beach

More Quattro offspring        [9th January 2016]

Puppies owned by Mr J Adams. Mother is Gimmy von Adamstan

Owned by Mr J Adams

Owned by Mr J Adams

Owned by Mr J Adams

Owned by Mr J Adams


Puppy from the Von Eisenheim L litter

Owned by Mr J Adams


Carlo zur Medbacher Mühle        [9th January 2016]

Carlo came home for the New Year, and is looking great. We are looking forward to seeing how the various litters mature.

Carlo zur Medbacher Mühle

Lutz von Eisenheim        [19th December 2015]

Lutz, owned by Adrian Wilson in Durban, enjoying his new home.
Father is Quattro; mother is Brooke von Eisenheim.

Lutz von Eisenheim

Lutz von Eisenheim


Quattro puppies now available        [4th December 2015]

Nick Ferreira in Cape Town still has two long coat females available from his litter — Quattro mated to Olf daughter Brooke von Eisenheim. There are also some short coat females from a second Quattro litter that will be available later in December. Further details are on our For Sale page.

Quattro-Brooke long coat female
Quattro-Brooke long coat female

Five-week-old Carlo Puppies        [2nd December 2015]

Liz and Johan Ferreira of Paterson have a beautiful litter from Carlo. Two males and five females. Further details and more pictures are on our For Sale page.

Five week old Carlo puppy
Five week old Carlo puppy

Grace of Ruewood        [23rd November 2015]

This is Grace of Ruewood, from the very first litter sired by our Quattro. We wish the breeder, Heather Ruegger, all the best with her beautiful girl.

Grace of Ruewood
Grace of Ruewood

Quattro's progeny        [29th October 2015]

Stunning male puppy, Lazaro vom Rasco Hof, belonging to Chris Koutsoudis.
Mother is Ivor Erasmus's Anika vom Rasco Hof.

Lazaro vom Rasco Hof
Lazaro vom Rasco Hof

Puppies        [16th September 2015]

Beautiful show quality puppies sired by Quattro now available in Cape Town. Details are on our FOR SALE page.

Condolences        [4th August 2015]

Clive Tait, one of Olf's biggest fans, passed away yesterday (Monday, 3rd August). Our sympathies and best wishes to his family.

Cape Town show - 12th April        [13th April 2015]

Congratulations to Quattro - V4 in his first open class. Thanks to Mikey for excellent handling, as always, and to Tracy and Aubrey for hosting Sven and his boy for the weekend.

Quattro - V4 Cape Town 2015
Quattro von Rapicar                                        Photo by EB Samsodien

And our Olf and Carlo offspring also did well!

   Jozie von Eisenheim (Carlo daughter/Olf granddaughter) SG2 in a very strong Class 1. Congratulations to the breeder, Nick Ferreira!

   Mutz von Blaauwklippen SG4 in Class 2. Well done to breeder, Lisa Diamond!

Jozie of Eisenheim - SG2 Cape Town 2015
Jozie von Eisenheim

Olf and Carlo puppies...        [16th February 2015]

We haven't had a litter of our own recently, but a number of other breeders have had beautiful litters using Olf and Carlo. Here are some pictures of their puppies.

Olf son with puppy that is a Carlo son from an Olf daughter...

Carlo puppies:

Olf puppies: