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Latest OLF progeny        [4th December 2012]

We are very excited about Olf's newest progeny.... Born to the von Ronneburg kennel last night.
Mother is VA Zaskia von Ronneburg.
Congratulations Michelle, Janet, Chris and Johan. Best of luck with the new babies!

Zaskia with her newborn puppies
Zaskia with her newborn puppies
Photo: Michelle Brodie

It's been a busy few weeks....        [16th November 2012]

   Bump's hip and elbow results: A+

   Excellent results for our dogs and many of Olf's progeny at the last two shows of the year: Algoa Bay (11th November) and Momenta (3rd & 4th November).
Here are some of the pics...

Olf von der Datze
Olf von der Datze, V2, Momenta 2012
Photo: Gavin Ah Now

Dax (Yip of Simnikan)
Dax (Yip of Simnikan), V7, Algoa Bay 2012
Photo: Merrilyn Evans

Melly von Haus Milesevac
Melly von Haus Milesevac, V2, Algoa Bay 2012
Photo: Merrilyn Evans

Josh (Iljosch vom Pfalzerwald)
Josh (Iljosch vom Pfalzerwald), SG5, Algoa Bay 2012
Photo: Merrilyn Evans

Fantastic Weekend for Von dem Krieger-Platz Kennel        [20th August 2012]

Saturday, 18th August: Friendly City Breed Survey

Candy qualifies for her Breed Survey with special endorsement for protection work.

Sunday, 19th August: Friendly City Breed Show

Bump: VP1 in Class 3, with a fantastic critique from the GSD Federation president, Frikkie van Kraayenburg. From start to finish in first place.

Bump von dem Krieger-Platz
Bump von dem Krieger-Platz, VP1 Friendly City 2012

Candy von Brabandt
Candy von Brabandt, V1 Friendly City 2012

Other Olf puppies:
1st in Class 1: Clara of Penncroft, Owner - Valerie Barrow, Breeder - Rob Cockcroft
2nd in Class 1: Carla of Penncroft, Owner and Breeder - Rob Cockcroft
1st in Class 2: Chad of Penncroft, Owner - Hestia van der Berg, Breeder - Rob Cockcroft
2nd in Class 2: Ltee of Kinneret, Owner - Christel Bothma, Breeder - Jenny and Tzilla Yanai
1st in Class 4: Iljosch vom Pfalzer Wald, Owners - Carol Atterbury and Iris Coetzee, Breeder - Iris Coetzee

Open Class Bitches: We achieved V1 with Candy and V4 with Melly. Go girls go!!

Open Class Males: A fantastic result for Chippo - V3. And well done Dax (Yip), our nearly-seven-year-old male - V6.

And a special mention to John Osmond, who achieved his V with Rocco, a Dax (Yip) son. Well done!!

Thank you to our Cape Town friends, Tracey and Aubrey, and Mikey and family, for making the long trip to support our show.

And of course, to our helper and handler, Jehane, for all the help, support and expertise he puts into our dogs.

Friendly City GSD Bite-A-Thon        [1st August 2012]

Thanks to all who took part in our club fundraiser recently.
And good to see that the Olf puppies are already showing their dad's attitude!!!
Here are two of our girls, Candy and Bump....

Sven with Candy and helper, Jehane

Bump and Leda with helper, Jehane

Two Shows, Two Firsts!!!        [29th July 2012]

Two fantastic results for Olf - he has been in two shows since Nationals, and has been V1 in both:
   Highway Show, 15th July. Judge: Jenni Biesman-Simons
   Magalies Show, 29th July. Judge: Dennis Trotter
Thanks and congratulations to the show team.

Congratulations also to the owners and handlers of the Olf puppies who did very well in both shows.

Newest Litter of Olf Puppies        [17th July 2012]

Welcome to Gavin's new litter!! Fantastic puppies from the van de Herdersfarm Home kennel.

Sire: Olf von der Datze (VA)
Dam: Nina van de Herdersfarm Home
Owner and Breeder: Gavin Ah Now

In these pictures, the puppies are two weeks and one day old:

Nina's puppies at 2 weeks and 1 day   Nina's puppies at 2 weeks and 1 day
Nina's puppies at 2 weeks and 1 day

Puppy Beach Walk        [1st July 2012]

Puppies from our club, the Friendly City GSD Club in Port Elizabeth, had fun on the beach and in the sea at Sardinia Bay. Of the 8 puppies (and one adult dog) taking part, five of the puppies are from litters sired by Olf.

Video: Friendly City Beach Walk, 1st July 2012

Puppies and owners
Puppies and owners

Bump von dem Krieger-Platz
Bump von dem Krieger-Platz

GSD Nationals: 27-29 April        [30th April 2012]

****** Fantastic GSD Nationals results *****

Wow!!! Olf, VA6 at his first Nationals! HUGE thanks to his team!

Here is Olfie with Sven and Martin, all the way from Germany.
Sven, Olf and Martin

Coupled with Olf's success of VA6, Olf, Yip and Chippo from our kennel, won special protection awards. This is Yip's third in a row, and Chippo's second, and gauging from Olf's performance, it augurs well for next year's Nationals. A big thanks to Dave Harris and Jehane le Grange for the hard hours in the protection training.

A special thanks all who helped in putting such a successful progeny group together.

Lastly, a big thanks to Aubrey and Tracy, special friends of ours, for the support at the show.

Excellent Show Results for Olf and His Progeny        [2nd April 2012]

Phoenix Show, 31st March and 1st April.
Judge: Herr Frank Goldlust

Once again, Olf achieved a fantastic result! V3, with VA Paul vom Bierstadter Hof and VA Yasko von Leimon in the first two places.

In their first show in Classes 1 and 2, Olf's puppies also performed very well in two very strong classes:
Class 1: SG3 Bump von der Krieger-Platz and SG5 Blackberry von der Krieger-Platz
Class 2: SG1 Iljosch vom Pfalzer Wald

Congratulations to the owners, breeders and handlers!

Midrand Show, 3rd March 2012            [5th March 2012]

Judge: Jenni Biesman-Simons.
Another fantastic result for Olf! Placed third behind VA Paul vom Bierstadter Hof and VA Hunter von Batu.

First Show of 2012            [13th February 2012]

We are thrilled about Olf's performance at the first show of the 2012 season!

Olf von der Datze: V1
Johannesburg Show, 12th February 2012. Judge: Chris Thompson

First Show for Olf's Progeny

The first showing of Olf's puppies was at Alfa Club Puppy Show (Pretoria), 4th December 2011. What great results! Congratulations to the owners!

   Helsing of Kinneret (Owner - Tzilla Yanai): 1st, Males 5 - 6 months

   Iljosch vom Pfalzer Wald (Owners - Tzilla Yanai and Iris Coetzee): 1st, Males 3 - 5 months

   Isis vom Pfalzer Wald (Owner- June de Wit): 3rd, Females 3 - 5 months

Isis vom Pfalzer Wald
Isis vom Pfalzer Wald

Recent Show Results

We have had some excellent results in two recent shows, under German SV judge, Herr Dirk Gabriel:

   Olf von der Datze: V5, Momenta Show, 29 & 30 October
In a strong class of 30 dogs, with 4 current South African VA dogs, Olf was the first in line behind the VA dogs.

   Olf von der Datze: V2, Algoa Bay Show, 23 October 2011

   Velvet of Kinneret: SG4, Class 5, Momenta Show, 29 & 30 October

   Velvet of Kinneret: SG3, Class 5, Algoa Bay Show, 23 October

Good Hope Show, July 2011

Melly, V2 in her first show in South Africa. See the judge's critique in the video clip below:

Melly's critique at Good Hope Show, 2011