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Congratulations Terry and Anzo        [24th November 2014]

Well done Anzo and Terry Marshall on an excellent breed survey at Mon Ami GSD Club on Saturday... another Olf son to obtain his breed survey.

Anzo's breed survey 2014

Condolences        [24th November 2014]

Our condolences to Jenny Lehman on the passing away of Gunther Lehman, one of the few gentlemen in the German Shepherd Dog world.

Algoa Bay Show — SV Judge Herr Harold Hohmann        [4th November 2014]

1st November 2014

   Class 5: Delta SG2 in a strong class.

   Class 8: Quattro SG1 from start to finish.

More Carlo Puppies...        [29th September 2014]

Carlo's third litter has just arrived. Born to Lacey of Annenberg, who is owned by Lisa Diamond, currently hosting Carlo in Cape Town. Congratulations Lisa. We hope they grow up to be as beautiful as their mom and dad.

Lacey and puppies, September 2014

Carlo's first litter was born to Nick Ferreira's female, Blaze von Eisenheim, one of our Olf's first progeny. A second litter belongs to Gunther Lehmann's VA bitch, Yuki of Annenberg. We wish the breeders well with their Carlo progeny and are looking forward to seeing them grow up!
Our FOR SALE page has further details for anyone interested in owning one of these beautiful puppies!

Vita Nova Show, Cape Town 21st September        [22nd September 2014]

Congratulations to Lisa, Tracy, Nick and Mikey for an excellent result with Carlo at the Vita Nova show.
Carlo was placed V2, with a current VA the only dog ahead of him! And the pictures below show that he is in excellent condition and working well.
Thanks to Lisa for looking after him so well for us; to Tracy and Mikey for handling him; and Nick for your continued support of our boy!

Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle, V2 Vita Nova show 2014

Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle, V2 Vita Nova show 2014

Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle, V2 Vita Nova show 2014

Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle, V2 Vita Nova show 2014

Friendly City Show held in Port Elizabeth on the 2nd August        [11th August 2014]

   Candy von Brabandt:   Breed Survey for Life (with Excellence in Protection Work); V6 in the Open Class Females

   Delta von dem Krieger-Platz:   VP1 in Class 3

   Quattro von Rapicar:   SG1 in Class 8

   Chippo, our 6 year (and 2 month) old boy:   V4 in Class 10

   Yip (Dax) our old boy was the only Veteran, so was judged with the Open Males:   V5 in Class 10 (at nearly 9 years!); V1 in Veterans

Stars of the Show! Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2014        [13th July 2014]

Bump von dem Krieger-Platz and Chase of Penncroft, both Olf von der Datze offspring, and owned by Natalie Parfitt and Iain Paterson, were the stars of a performance entitled "19 Born 76 Rebels" at this week's National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

They played the role of police dogs in a choreographic piece recalling the 1976 riots. They had to bark on command, and act fierce! And then afterwards, the audience saw them calm and playful with their owners. An excellent display of the versatility and balanced temperament of the GSD!

Bump and Chase performing at the National Arts Festival 2014

Bump and Chase performing at the National Arts Festival 2014

Bump and Chase performing at the National Arts Festival 2014
Bump and Chase performing at the National Arts Festival 2014

A few more pics from Nationals 2014        [14th June 2014]

Carlo and Mikey
Carlo with his handler, Mikey


Quattro, SG1 Class 6

Quattro with handler, Carstens
Quattro and his handler, Carstens

East London Club Show Results        [8th June 2014]

Class 3: Delta – 1st again.

Class 8: Quattro – National Champion in Class 6 (12 - 18 months) moved up into Class 8 (18 to 24 months) and was called out 1st from start to finish.
Reelo – an Olf son who is part-owned by our kennel was 2nd. Well done Malcolm and Charlene!

Open Class Males: Carlo – 2nd with a very spirited effort.

Open Class Females: Bump – 4th in a strong class. Congratulations Natalie and Iain!

And thank you to East London club for a good show.

South African Sieger Show results (National Breed Show, 2 - 4 May 2014)        [16th May 2014]

Class 1, 6-9 months females: Delta called out 2nd, finished 4th in a nice strong class.

Class 6, 12-18 months males: Quattro called out 1st, finished 1st in a strong class of excellent males.

Open class males without protection work: Carlo called out 2nd, finished 2nd.

Class 10, open class males: Olf 5/5 protection work for the third year in a row. A fantastic achievement! Olf's progeny class was very strong and we would like to thank all the competitors and their dogs who contributed to this superb event.

A highlight for our kennel was that four of Olf's progeny, Chad, Carla and Clara of Penncroft, and Ltee of Kinneret all obtained excellence in protection work with a 5/5 score. We are also very proud that Georgia del Zualanwer in class 19 (long coat females) is the first VA dog sired by Olf. Congratulations to Mrs Barbara Byrne on her achievement.

Other excellent Olf progeny results were:
Class 21: 1st Vasty of Keashan
Class 23: 5th Roxy of Ronneburg
Class 24: 4th Dice von Xelan, 6th Blitze von Kazandi
Class 34: 4th Phrodo vom Avestrom
Class 20: 2nd Czar of Penncroft
Class 9: V3 Blaze von Eisenheim
Class 10: V6 Ltee of Kinneret

Georgia del Zualanwer VA1
Georgia del Zualanwer VA1

Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle    Carlo zur Medbacher Muhle
Carlo zur Medbacher Mühle

Olf progeny with 5/5 bitework
Olf progeny with 5/5 bitework

More pictures coming soon...

Excellent show results!        [13th April 2014]

Well done to our little Delta von dem Krieger-Platz. She shone in her very first show yesterday, taking first place in Class 1. Thanks to Charné for handling her, and Quattro (see picture) for keeping her company!

Delta and Quattro relaxing after Delta's star performance
Delta and Quattro relaxing after Delta's star performance

Congratulations Candy and Chippo!        [7th February 2014]

Our E litter has arrived! Ten beautiful and healthy pups, born on Wednesday, 5th February.
Candy and all the little ones are currently doing very well.

Candy and puppies, 5th February 2014
Candy with her puppies shortly after the last one was born

A good start to the New Year...        [6th January 2014]

Happy New Year to all our site visitors and friends. May 2014 bring you joy and happiness!

We start the year with the news that Candy is definitely pregnant with a large litter from our Chippo. The pups are due early in February.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of Candy's last litter, enjoying the hot weather we had over the Christmas break......

Danzig, on the farm with Bev, Gerald and their girls:
Delta von dem Krieger-Platz

Jason's Duke, in his Christmas present:
Delta von dem Krieger-Platz


Delta guarding the front door:
Delta von dem Krieger-Platz