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Merry Christmas and a peaceful festive season

Wishing all our site visitors and our friends in the GSD community
a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful festive season.

The D litter is growing fast...        [30th October 2013]

Our D litter puppies are now ten weeks old. All the boys have gone to their new homes, and Delta is settling in happily with her mom and new big brothers...

This is Duke, at home in East London with Jason:
Duke von dem Krieger-Platz      Duke von dem Krieger-Platz
Duke von dem Krieger-Platz

And this is Delta, sleeping in her water bowl at a very hot Momenta show in Pretoria - her first adventure out into the world:
Delta von dem Krieger-Platz

Bloemfontein Show        [19th September 2013]

Congratulations to owners of our dogs' offspring who participated in Bloemfontein show this past weekend. We stayed at home with the puppies so weren't there to see it, but the dogs did their owners and von dem Krieger-Platz kennels proud!

Class winners were:

   Carol Atterbury's Pizazz of Ambasands (Father Chippo; mother Melly)

   Natalie Parfitt's Bump von dem Krieger-Platz (Father Olf; mother Melly)

   Eileen Gardner's Czar of Penncroft (Father Olf)

Very good places went to other Olf offspring who competed. Congratulations to dogs, owners and handlers!

   June de Wit's Isis vom Pfälzerwald

   Rob Cockcroft's Carla of Penncroft

   Hestia van der Berg's Chad of Penncroft

   Valerie Barrow's Kenzi (Clara) of Penncroft

   Christel Bothma's Ltee of Kinneret

   Malcolm Coutts' Reelo of Ronneburg

Bump and Natalie:
Bump von dem Krieger-Platz   Bump von dem Krieger-Platz   Bump von dem Krieger-Platz

Pizazz with handler, Charne van der Berg:
Pizazz of Ambasands   Pizazz of Ambasands   Pizazz of Ambasands

Our D Litter has arrived...        [9th September 2013]

Candy gave birth to 5 puppies on the 20th August. 4 boys and 1 girl. All are strong and healthy, and already promised to future homes.

This picture is of Candy sleeping happily with her pups, now almost 3 weeks old.

Candy and pups

And this is the puppies' sire, Glock vom Pfälzerwald (VA), owned by our good friend Iris Coetzee.

Glock vom Pfalzerwald

6 Olf Progeny Breed Surveyed        [17th August 2013]

6 Olf progeny obtained their breed surveys today at the Friendly City club. ALL 6 were acknowledged for EXCELLENCE IN PROTECTION WORK!! Congratulations to the dogs and their owners. Also to helper and trainer, Jehane. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to your dogs.

   Josh (Iljosch) vom Pfälzer Wald and Carol Atterbury

   Ltee of Kinneret and Christel Bothma

   Carla of Penncroft and Rob Cockroft

   Czar of Penncroft and Eileen Gardner

   Chad of Penncroft and Hestia van der Berg

   Kenzi (Clara) of Penncroft and Valerie Barrow

First Olf Puppy gets Breed Survey        [11th August 2013]

Congratulations to Isis vom Pfälzer Wald!
Isis is the first female puppy of Olf's to obtain her Breed Survey. Well done to owner, June de Wit, and breeder, Iris Coetzee. All your hard work has been worth it.

BH for 7 Olf Progeny at Friendly City        [10th August 2013]

Seven Olf progeny obtained BH status at the Friendly City GSD Club today. Congratulations to the owners and the breeders!!!

   Josh (Iljosch) vom Pfälzer Wald. Owner Carol Atterbury. Bred by Iris Coetzee.

   Ltee of Kinneret. Owner Christel Bothma. Bred by Tzilla Yanai.

   Carla of Penncroft. Owner Rob Cockroft. Bred by Rob Cockroft.

   Czar of Penncroft. Owner Eileen Gardner. Bred by Rob Cockcroft.

   Chad of Penncroft. Owner Hestia van der Berg. Bred by Rob Cockcroft.

   Chase of Penncroft. Owner Natalie Parfitt. Bred by Rob Cockcroft.

   Kenzi (Clara) of Penncroft. Owner Valerie Barrow. Bred by Rob Cockcroft.

Chippo and Melly's Litter        [7th July 2013]

This is Carol Atterbury's beautiful Pizazz of Ambasands. She is five months now. Her parents are our Chippo and Melly.

Pizazz of Ambasands

* * * Nationals 2013 * * *        [8th May 2013]

Olf was selected VA for the second year, and a fantastic 3rd place in the progeny group.

All 3 of our males again achieved excellence in the TSB protection work. 10 males were selected and our kennel had 3 of the 10 prizes awarded. Olf now has 2 protection awards, Chippo has 3 in a row. The star of the show was our 7 ½ year old, Yip (Dax), who is now a veteran, but had to do the protection work with the open male dogs, and was selected 3rd best biting dog of the males. This was Dax's 4th protection award in a row — a fitting way to retire for our excellent male.

Bump was 11th in a very strong class of 47 dogs. She and Sven worked brilliantly to make up 9 places in the ring.

Candy was V5 in the non-protection work female class.

Thanks to Olf's show team of Warwick, Liz and Tzilla.
A special thanks to everyone who participated, supported, assisted and entered their dogs in Olf's progeny group — you looked terrific, and to be third is a credit to all of you.
Then, to the Friendly City Club members who participated at Nationals........ what an awesome weekend. Lots of laughs, braais, hugs and good results.
Lastly, to our Cape Town friends, Tracey and Aubrey. Thanks once again for the friendship and support.

Chippo and Melly's Litter        [10th February 2013]

Born to Melly, two puppies. One male and one female. Not for sale unfortunately.
Everyone who wanted a puppy, please do contact Sven, as Olf has recently had litters up in Gauteng.

Melly and newborn pups         
Melly with her new puppies

A new year begins...        [7th January 2013]

...and best wishes to everyone for 2013!


Arriving at von dem Krieger-Platz before the end of January: Quattro von Rapicar.
Thanks to Mandy Menzel of Zwinger von Rapicar, in Germany, for all her help with Quattro.

Quattro von Rapicar at 5 weeks         Quattro von Rapicar at 5 weeks
Quattro von Rapicar at 5 weeks

   Father: Figo vom Nordteich SG2 18-24 months, BSZS 2012, Ulm — best son of Remo vom Fichtenschlag, twice VA1 (BSZS 2011, 2012)

   Mother: Yana von Rapicar (V BSZS)

Figo von Nordteich
Figo vom Nordteich

Yana von Rapicar
Yana von Rapicar