Olf at Momenta Show, 2012

Olf von der Datze (VA)
Photo: Gavin Ah Now, Kennel: van de Herdersfarm Home

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Last updated: September 2015

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Carlo zur Medbacher Mühle VA (SA) National Breed Show 2015

Carlo VA 2015

Carlo VA 2015

Working with the boys... Chippo, Carlo and Jehane!!

We took advantage of Jehane's visit home. A session at the beach with Carlo and Chippo.

Carlo    Chippo   
   Carlo    Chippo

Protection Work: Extraordinary videos.

Chippo - extraordinary protection work at Sardinia Bay    Dax - extraordinary protection work at Sardinia Bay    Bump - training session at 8 months
   Chippo    Dax    Bump

Some of our favourite dogs and their people...

Our History

We are a small kennel, situated in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our aim is to have one or two quality litters a year, with our own females. However, our males are at stud to other kennels.

We are registered members (#F6148) of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa, which is affiliated to the German Federation (SV) in Germany.

This membership means that our dogs have to meet the criteria specified by the breed's managing bodies. For more information about the German Shepherd breed go to the SA Federation website, or that of the SV.

My affinity with German Shepherd dogs started in 1981, when I was fortunate enough to be given a beautiful male called Klaus. Klaus was huge by today's standards, and stood at probably 70cm, weighing about 45kg. A real man's dog, who never left my side. It was this loyalty that led to my understanding the traits of the breed. Because I was living on a smallholding, protection was very important. Klaus provided the security, and more, that one would expect from a German Shepherd. He was gentle with children and grown-ups, yet he had high drive when on guard.

Since then, I've had some wonderful Shepherds, who have left an indelible mark in my life. Our German Shepherds have influenced many of our friends in their choice of breed, to the extent that I am known for my saying: "Once you own a Shepherd, you won't own another breed."